List of table information

Field : ObjectDescription
authorization: TableAuthorization Information about the database table authorization
create_record_button_label: String The content displayed in the start form button
description: String The Repo description
icon: String The Repo icon
id: ID The database table ID
labels: [Label] Information about the Repo labels
members: [Member] Information about the Repo members
my_permissions: TablePermission Information about the current user permission
name: String The Repo name
orderableFields: [String] The orderable fields. Valid options: title, status, created_at, updated_at, finished_at
orderableTypes: [String] The orderable field types
organization: Organization Information about the organization
public: Boolean Whether the Repo is public
publicFormSettings: PublicFormSettings Information about the public form settings
public_form: Boolean Whether the public form is active
statuses: [TableRecordStatus] Information about the database table statuses
summary_attributes: [SummaryAttribute] Information about the data selected to be shown in the summarized view
summary_options: [SummaryGroup] Information about the Repo summary options
table_fields: [TableField] Information about the database table fields
table_records: TableRecordConnection Fetches a group of records based on arguments
table_records_count: Int The database table total records
title_field: TableField Information about the field selected to be the record title
url: String The database table URL