The query root of Pipefy's GraphQL interface

Field : ObjectDescription
allCards: CardConnection Fetches all pipe cards based on arguments
autoFillFields: [AutoFillFieldUnion] Lookup the values that will automatically fill the child-card's start form fields
card: Card Lookup a card by its ID
cards: CardConnection Fetches a group of cards based on arguments
cardsImportations: [CardsImportation] Lookup the cards importer history by the pipe ID
conditionalField: ConditionalField
connectedTableRecords: PublicTableRecordConnection
fieldCondition: FieldCondition
inbox_emails: [InboxEmail] Lookup the card's emails by its ID
me: User Returns informations of the current authenticated user
organization: Organization Lookup an organization by its ID
organizations: [Organization] Lookup organizations by their ID
phase: Phase Lookup a phase by its ID
pipe: Pipe Lookup a pipe by its ID
pipe_relations: [PipeRelation] Lookup pipe relations by their ID
pipe_templates: [PipeTemplate] Lookup all pipe templates available on Pipefy
pipes: [Pipe] Lookup pipes by their ID
recordsImportations: [RecordsImportation] Lookup the records importer history by the table ID
repoItemForm: RepoItemFormUnion
table: Table Lookup a database table by its ID
table_record: TableRecord Lookup a record by its ID
table_records: TableRecordWithCountConnection Fetches a group of records based on arguments
table_relations: [TableRelation] Lookup table relations by their ID
tables: [Table] Lookup database tables by their ID