Custom public form settings

Field : ObjectDescription
afterSubmitMessage: String The message shown to user after submitting the public form
backgroundColor: String The background color of the public form (RGB)
backgroundImage: String The background image URL of the public form
brandColor: String The brand color that will be used in the public form (RGB)
canHidePipefyLogo: Boolean Whether the public form creator can hide Pipefy's logo
description: String Description of the public form
displayPipefyLogo: Boolean Whether to display Pipefy's logo in the public form
logo: String Logo of the public form
organizationName: String The name of the organization to be shown in the public form
reuseLastSubmissionResponse: Boolean Fill again with the same values that were used on the last submission
showSubmitAnotherResponseButton: Boolean Whether its allowed to submit another response
submitButtonText: String Text of the submit button on the public form
submitterEmailCollectionEnabled: Boolean Whether the submitter email collection is enabled
submitterEmailCollectionMethod: PublicFormSubmitterEmailCollectionMethod The method to ask for the submitter email in the public form
submitterEmailField: MinimalField
title: String Title of the public form