The root query for implementing GraphQL mutations

Field : ObjectDescription
cardsImporter: CardsImporterPayload Create new cards from a xlsx file
clonePipes: ClonePipesPayload Clones a pipe
createCard: CreateCardPayload Creates a card
createCardRelation: CreateCardRelationPayload Creates a card relation
createComment: CreateCommentPayload Creates a comment
createInboxEmail: CreateInboxEmailPayload Creates an email
createLabel: CreateLabelPayload Creates a label
createOrganization: CreateOrganizationPayload Creates an organization
createPhase: CreatePhasePayload Creates a phase
createPhaseField: CreatePhaseFieldPayload Creates a phase field
createPipe: CreatePipePayload Creates a pipe
createPipeRelation: CreatePipeRelationPayload Creates a pipe relation
createPresignedUrl: CreatePresignedUrlPayload Returns a temporary S3 presigned url to upload a file
createPresignedUrlForPipePdfTemplate: CreatePresignedUrlForPipePdfTemplatePayload Returns a temporary S3 presigned url to upload a pdf template image
createTable: CreateTablePayload Creates a table
createTableField: CreateTableFieldPayload Creates a table field
createTableRecord: CreateTableRecordPayload Creates a record
createTableRecordInRestrictedTable: CreateTableRecordInRestrictedTablePayload Creates a record in a private table
createWebhook: CreateWebhookPayload Creates a webhook
deleteCard: DeleteCardPayload Deletes a card
deleteComment: DeleteCommentPayload Deletes a comment
deleteInboxEmail: DeleteInboxEmailPayload Deletes an email
deleteLabel: DeleteLabelPayload Deletes a label
deleteOrganization: DeleteOrganizationPayload Deletes an organization
deletePhase: DeletePhasePayload Deletes a phase
deletePhaseField: DeletePhaseFieldPayload Deletes a phase field
deletePipe: DeletePipePayload Deletes a pipe
deletePipeRelation: DeletePipeRelationPayload Deletes a pipe relation
deleteTable: DeleteTablePayload Deletes a table
deleteTableField: DeleteTableFieldPayload Deletes a table field
deleteTableRecord: DeleteTableRecordPayload Deletes a record
deleteWebhook: DeleteWebhookPayload Deletes a webhook
inviteMembers: InviteMembersPayload Invites new members for the organization
moveCardToPhase: MoveCardToPhasePayload Moves a card to another phase
recordsImporter: RecordsImporterPayload Create new records from a xlsx file
sendInboxEmail: SendInboxEmailPayload Sends an email
setRole: SetRolePayload Sets the role of a user
setRoles: SetRolesPayload Sets role of multiple users
setSummaryAttributes: SetSummaryAttributesPayload Sets summary attributes
setTableFieldOrder: SetTableFieldOrderPayload Sets table field order
setTableRecordFieldValue: SetTableRecordFieldValuePayload Sets record field value
updateCard: UpdateCardPayload Updates an existing card
updateCardField: UpdateCardFieldPayload Updates an existing card field
updateComment: UpdateCommentPayload Updates an existing comment
updateFieldsValues: UpdateFieldsValuesPayload Update one or many values of fields inside a Card or Table record.
updateLabel: UpdateLabelPayload Updates an existing label
updateOrganization: UpdateOrganizationPayload Updates an existing organization
updatePhase: UpdatePhasePayload Updates an existing phase
updatePhaseField: UpdatePhaseFieldPayload Updates an existing phase field
updatePipe: UpdatePipePayload Updates an existing pipe
updatePipeRelation: UpdatePipeRelationPayload Updates an existing pipe relation
updateTable: UpdateTablePayload Updates an existing table
updateTableField: UpdateTableFieldPayload Updates an existing table field
updateTableRecord: UpdateTableRecordPayload Updates an existing record
updateWebhook: UpdateWebhookPayload Updates an existing webhook
Deprecated : ObjectDescription
createFieldConditionDeprecated. Creates a field condition
createTableRelationDeprecated. Creates a table relation
deleteFieldConditionDeprecated. Deletes a field condition
deleteTableRelationDeprecated. Deletes a table relation
setFieldConditionOrderDeprecated. Sets field condition order
updateFieldConditionDeprecated. Updates an existing field condition
updateTableRelationDeprecated. Updates an existing table relation