Member information

Field : ObjectDescription
role_name: String The user role name Valid roles: 1. Organization: - admin: Team admin, can view/join all pipes and access/manage the team settings; - normal: Team member, can view and join all public pipes; - gest: Team guest, is free and can only create cards. 2. Pipe: - admin: Pipe admin, can create and edit cards as well as manage the pipe settings; - member: Pipe member, can create new cards as well as access the existing ones to edit and move them across the pipe; - creator: Pipe start form only, has limited access to the pipe - can create cards; - my_cards_only: Pipe restricted view, can create new cards but is only allowed to view/edit cards created by or assigned to him; - read_and_comment: Pipe read only, can view the cards and add comments. 3. Database Table: - admin: Table admin, can create an edit records, edit the table and its settings; - member: Table member, can view and create records (if authorized on the settings).
user: User The user information