List of the card's field values informations.

Field : ObjectDescription
array_value: [String] The value of an Attachment, Checklists, Connection or Label field, processed as an array type
assignee_values: [User] Information about the users assigned to the card
connectedRepoItems: [PublicRepoItemTypes] Information about cards and records connected with the card
date_value: Date The value of a Date, DateTime or DueDate field, processed as a date type
datetime_value: DateTime The value of a DateTime or DueDate field, processed as a date and time type
field: MinimalField Information about the card field
filled_at: DateTime When the field was filled
float_value: Float The field float value
label_values: [FieldLabel] Information about the card label
name: String The field name
phase_field: PhaseField Information about the field's phase
updated_at: DateTime When the field was last updated
value: String The field value
Deprecated : ObjectDescription
connected_repo_itemsDeprecated. Repo item (Card or Record) representation