List of the pipe information.

Field : ObjectDescription
anyone_can_create_card: Boolean Whether anyone can create cards in the pipe
cards_count: Int The pipe total cards
childrenRelations: [PipeRelation] Information about the pipe child connections
create_card_label: String The content displayed in the start form button
created_at: DateTime When the pipe was created
expiration_time_by_unit: Int The number used in the pipe SLA
expiration_unit: Int The seconds of the unit used in the pipe SLA
fieldConditions: [FieldCondition] Information about the fields conditions
improvementSetting: ImprovementSetting Information about the pipe improvement setting
last_updated_by_card: DateTime When a card was last updated in the pipe
only_admin_can_remove_cards: Boolean Whether only Admins can delete cards
only_assignees_can_edit_cards: Boolean Whether only the card assignees can edit it
parentsRelations: [PipeRelation] Information about the pipe parent connections
phases: [Phase] Information about the pipe phases
preferences: RepoPreference Information about the pipe preferences
startFormFieldConditions: [FieldCondition] Information about the start form fields conditions
start_form_fields: [PhaseField] Information about the start form fields
suid: String The pipe Small Unique ID
title_field: PhaseField Information about the field selected to be the card title
users: [User] Information about the pipe users
users_count: Int The total users in the pipe
webhooks: [Webhook] Information about the pipe Webhooks