Autogenerated input type of UpdateTableField

Input Fields : ObjectDescription
clientMutationId: String A unique identifier for the client performing the mutation.
id: ID The field ID
table_id: ID The table ID
allChildrenMustBeDoneToFinishParent: Boolean Connection Field: Whether all children must be done to finish the parent
canConnectExisting: Boolean Connection Field: Whether can connect with existing items
canConnectMultiples: Boolean Connection Field: Whether is possible to connect with multiple items
canCreateNewConnected: Boolean Connection Field: Whether is possible to create new connected items
childMustExistToFinishParent: Boolean Connection Field: Whether a child must exist to finish the parent
custom_validation: String The regex used to validate the field's value
description: String The field description
help: String The field help text
label: String The field title
minimal_view: Boolean Whether the field is minimal
options: [String] The field options
required: Boolean Whether the field is required
unique: Boolean Whether the field value must be unique